To achieve growth beyond a certain point, relying solely on connections will have limitations. While having a stellar product or service is crucial, it often is not sufficient to grow. Expanding reach, raising awareness, and hitting sales targets necessitate active marketing efforts. Marketing serves as the pivotal springboard that propels your business toward achieving its goals.

Our workshop, “How to Market Your Business,” is crafted to equip you with indispensable tools and strategies. It isn’t just about marketing your brand; it’s about effectively marketing yourself. This immersive session is designed to empower you with actionable insights, enabling you to connect with the right audience, increasing reach and ultimately thrive in your endeavours.

Crack the code to marketing success – Join our workshop today

  • Initiate the marketing journey for your business.
  • Grasp the fundamental principles of marketing.
  • Avoid falling for misleading marketing tactics.
  • Acquire practical skills to distinguish your business in a competitive market.
  • Strengthened business foundations.

Who would benefit from joining this workshop?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Founder-led companies
  • Individuals interesting to understand marketing
  • To-be entrepreneurs

Learn directly from seasoned marketing experts

Our goal is to support small business entrepreneurs in achieving brand growth and success. While there is a belief that marketing is costly for small businesses and new entrepreneurs, it’s not necessarily true. With adequate marketing knowledge, there are numerous cost-effective ways to expand your business’s reach. We aim to shift this perspective by offering a workshop designed to help you elevate your business and stand out.

Ankeeta Mohanty
Ankeeta, a brand strategist and sales professional with over a decade of experience of working with companies like Nestle, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank and renowned consulting firms. She stands out for her proficiency in building brands from the ground up, crafting effective product extension strategies, and developing comprehensive brand portfolios and architectures.

Divya Chugani
With a decade of experience in major advertising and branding firms, Divya brings a brand-centric approach to communication, design, and content. She has stirred marketing and communication activities for diverse global brands and built small businesses ground up through a digital-first approach.

Unveiling the core elements of this workshop


Duration – 3 weeks | Once a week for 2 hours

Mode – Online | Recordings provided for one month

  • Week 1 – Understanding your competition and finding your audience
  • Week 2 – Communicating effectively and understanding marketing channels
  • Week 3 – Creating compelling messages and getting started with digital marketing

Exclusive consultation for your business

Joining the workshop gives you a complimentary one-on-one consultation with MerAD Consulting, exclusively for participants. This session dives into your brand’s specific challenges and opportunities, offering customized strategies.

Cost of the workshop – INR 5130

  • One exclusive one-to-one consultation for your business.
  • Access to a WhatsApp community of entrepreneurs.
  • Access to marketing consultants’ life-long.
  • One month access to the workshop recordings.