I am often asked by my clients; how do we know when to start the process of branding? 

And I know you are wondering too; but don’t worry you are the right place.

Let me explain this through scenarios my clients experienced, and they often found themselves in a state of confusion. Ultimately, dropping the idea of branding the business until the next time.

In life it’s good to say better luck next time and try harder. But when –

  • Many businesses overlooking their customers’ red flags and refraining from on-time improvisation leads to declining client = declining income. 

Which means despite being your own boss, things are going out of your control.

  • You’re pretty sure you bring something unique to market, but you struggle to articulate them effectively in a business context and how it will solve the customer problem.

So, you end up just regurgitating the same clichés as everyone else and disappear amongst the competition.

  • You sense your business is changing, but the fear about uncertain future holds you back from becoming a brand. 

As a result, you find yourself stuck offering products or services you are not passionate about. 

  • You’re trying to attract multiple target audiences for multiple offers and are confused whether the messaging is clear or not? 

So, you aren’t making sales because your audience is confused about how you can help them.

  • You are bored of the market, clients around you and don’t want to use the repeat formula. You feel like it’s time to level up and expand your vision, but you don’t really know what that means for you.

Which means someone else can do it before you or you want to do it but don’t know how to.

  • You hold back your objective to become a brand as you are afraid of coming across as an amateur in marketing.

So, marketing always feels difficult because you don’t know what to talk about and ask the right questions.

  • You’ve been thinking to start outsourcing marketing, but without a clear long-term plan for your business you aren’t sure how to do it correctly.

Which means you avoid hiring and end up exhausted from trying to do everything yourself and therefore drop marketing at some point. 

  • You’re eager to change or focus on a specific/niche area, but you’re worried about losing your current income. 

This hesitation stops you from making an official shift, even though you feel prepared for it. 

  • You’re annoyed by the industry’s rules and practices and are unsure how to handle these rules if you create a brand. 

As a result, you avoid coming out in the market and prefer concentrating on sales.

  • You want to post your opinion online, but you’re worried about how your audience/readers will react. 

So, you keep things to yourself, missing opportunities to connect, grow your network, and express your opinions.

  • You feel you are missing the race and you want to be present everywhere, do everything the world is doing.

This leads to no/less focus; results in diluting your efforts.

In any of these situations, I would suggest don’t say better luck next time. Just say now is the time to brand the business. 

If you find yourself experiencing any of these situations, don’t panic because I am your partner in growth, irrespective of the challenges you are facing. I am here to hold your hand, guide you through, and provide solutions to these questions. I can help you understand what is required and assist you in branding your business!

Let’s start!

By: Ankeeta M