We all need inspiration to get started, and your brand is no exception, especially in the initial steps of the brand-building journey.

Often, we overlook our surroundings and the people within them, yet they are our most significant sources of inspiration!

The essence of marketing has always revolved around understanding people and solving their problems through your products/services. Before expanding your market reach, it’s crucial to have clarity on this and how you will continue building the brand reputation. 

This clarity will consistently influence people, setting a clear path for your brand’s future.

The next question is, how do you continue to influence them? The answer lies in your commitment to simplify it for them.

To achieve this, ask yourself these questions and provide honest answers:

  • Will you use it yourself? If yes, then why? What is the one word or reason that would make you use it?
  • Identify things you don’t like about yourself and accept them.
  • Eliminate any friction that may exist in your product or service being the best. If your product is good, the experience of buying it should be fantastic.
  • Consider what should be added to your product or service for you to use it.

Following this method, I have witnessed my clients achieve great success. Their first step in brand creation was well-researched and insight-based, and most importantly, the journey ahead was clear.

Why does it matter?

Because a brand with a strong foundation requires relatable inspiration, clarity on the brand journey, and a commitment to keeping it simple, ALWAYS!

Does this mean sticking to the defined path for the next 10 years?

Not necessarily!

Adapting and changing industries is okay, but you need a starting point.

Over time, you’ll learn and uncover new insights.

So, ask yourself…

Who do you want your brand to be known for a decade from now?

And, of course, how to solve it better than your competitors.

That’s where I come in…

Certainly, I can help build your brand, boost your traffic, and convert more sales. But I always start by interviewing your customers and asking them incisive questions (usually the ones you’re afraid to ask).

By: Ankeeta M