In the realm of brand consultancy, the client is often regarded as the king. Brand experts treat them royally by prioritizing requirements and deadlines, showcasing flexibility, a sense of urgency, and by not vocalizing their own needs 😊. While this approach is commendable, the dynamics of client-expert relationships are evolving, with empathy and realistic expectations gaining importance.

Does this mean brand experts expect their clients to be well-versed in branding and marketing? Not really 😊. While clients may have heard much about what experts can offer, have they ever wondered what the experts might expect from them for the benefit of their brand? It’s not a one-way street; it’s a partnership, a collaboration, a tag team effort that makes a good brand.

In my experience, I’ve seen clients hire brand experts based on their expertise and capabilities. After hiring, they consider their job done and think they don’t need to contribute further. However, this approach worsens the problem and proves to be harmful to the brand.

Let’s spill the beans on what your brand guru secretly expects from you to take your brand to the next level:

Trust Us: Listen to us about marketing; trust us, as we have essential insights for making informed decisions in the branding process.

Collaborate Always: Successful branding requires collaboration. The client and the brand expert should actively participate in the process, working together towards common goals.

Ask Questions: Have clarity by asking as many questions as possible. Finalizing aspects like target audience, markets, brand name, etc., without clarity may cost more time and money.

Trust the Process: Building a brand takes time and patience. Clients should trust the step-by-step process of brand creation and understand its long-term benefits.

Consider Us Your Team: We want you to consider us an extension of your team because we work with your best interests in mind.

Tell Us All About Your Business/Brand: In the world of branding, communication is key. Share everything, from big milestones to the tiniest details. You never know what might inspire the next big brand hit.

Your Commitment Matters: Timely delivery, quantity, and quality are expected from clients. Timely payments and completing tasks assigned before the next meeting are motivating factors for us.

Flexible to Change SOW: In dynamic marketing, adaptability is key. Clients should embrace flexibility for successful brand strategies.

You Are the First Brand Custodian: Learn as you build your brand for confident decision-making. Invest time in understanding how things work to simplify decision processes.

Realistic Expectations: Understand that while brand experts commit to providing their best efforts, guaranteed results for sales and marketing are beyond their direct control.

In most cases, brand experts don’t voice their expectations clearly for fear of being misjudged and ultimately losing clients. The ones who do are rare to find and are your true partners. Because, as the saying goes, a known devil is better than an unknown devil 😊. While I’m not saying that marketing/brand experts are devils, at least you are aware of their expectations; you can prepare well to meet them or probe more to find what is required of you.

They’re like your backstage pass to the world of branding knowledge. Grab it before anyone else does!

So, why stay behind in the race to be a good client? While success doesn’t happen overnight, you should expect to see measurable progress throughout our partnership. As your partner, I will bring skills, knowledge, and best practices to the table. In return, we ask that you:

Look to us as the marketing experts and trust the process.

Treat us as an extension of your team and include us in communication updates.

Understand that changes you request may impact timelines and budgets.

Remember that many variables can affect our success together, and we’ll do our best to guide you down the best path.

Do these requests seem reasonable? If so, we’d love to discuss how we can partner to help move your brand forward. Reach out, and let’s chat!

By: Ankeeta M